Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Technique Tuesday Week #2

Well after 5 hours of messing with 2 laptops and our PC, I finally figured out the computer problems I created last night.

On that note, onto the post which was meant for yesterday's Tuesday Technique how to. Heat embossing and making your own resist pattern.

First gather your supplies:

You will need....
*Embossing Powder (I chose clear so the Colonial white paper would show through).
*Embossing Buddy (powder filled satchel that removes the static from your paper so the the embossing powder only sticks where you want it to.
*Heat tool (Embossing gun)
*Versamark (I prefer versamark over embossing ink).
*Stamp of choice
*Ink and sponges if you want to color some ink on your resist pattern. (I chose Vineyard Berry, Creme Brulee, and Juniper. One of my favorite color combinations).
*Something to catch your embossing powder. You can use a tray made just for this or a piece of copy paper works fine too. Easy peasy to dump the excess back into the container.

Dive in.......

1. Rub embossing buddy over surface you will be embossing.
2. Stamp image using versamark ink randomly on paper. Versamark is like a clear tacky ink, so you will want to pay a little extra attention where you are stamping.
3. sprinkle embossing powder over stamped images.
4. Tap off excess into catch tray or copy paper. I then dump it right back into container. You don't want to accidentally aim your heat tool at it while embossing your image. Trust me, I have done this. It's not a good thing. ;)
5. Heat your image(s). Careful here!!! The heat tool gets very hot quick. you will see the powder melt as you move the heat tool over the image. As soon as it melts, move on to a new area. You can burn the powder creating a "burnt" image. Yup! Done this one too. ;)

The picture above is after embossing. Hopefully, you can see it okay. It is not easy photographing clear embossing powder.

The final step.. Adding a dash of color.

Sponge your ink onto the embossed images. The image itself will resist the ink so only the paper absorbs the color. After applying your random ink sponging, wife entire surface with paper towel. This removes any loose ink on your embossed images.

I used the paisley stamp that is in this great Rock The Block set. This is a E sized set, so that is a whopping 8 x 10 sheet of stamps! The only way to get this set is to buy $25 in items from the Autumn / Winter idea book. Plus, it comes with the set of chipboard blocks that I showed a few days ago. The bundle is only $15 which is a savings of $29.90!

That is this weeks's Technique how - to. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog :).

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