Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Wonderland

I just cannot bring myself to get rid of the tidbits of wonderland paper I have leftover on my work area. I like to have pre-made pages made up for crops. I don't create very well away from home, so I like to take pages with me that are mostly done and add pictures and the finishing touches at weekend retreats and crops. Plus, then I don't feel so bad knowing I was gone for 2 days and did 8 pages.

This page was made with the leftover border strips and labels from a card project. I will add small pictures inside each of the labels.

The snowflakes are once again from the "snowflakes" set and cut with the AP cartridge.

I used Heavenly blue, Spring Iris, and Grey Flannel to stamp the snowflakes, then sponged the edges with twilight. They are so pretty!


  1. They are very pretty those snow flakes make me want a cricut!

  2. I can cut you some if you would like. :)