Monday, May 28, 2012

A tough evening......

So as you know, I like to use my blog as a journal as well as a place to share my crafty inspirations.  This post is just because I need to vent, so bear with me. 

I sit here with tears rolling down my face wondering why, why, why?   Tyler came to me this evening and told me he has been thinking, and he wants to go live with his dad for the summer.  I know the answer to the why, and it is so unfair!  I just want to shake him and make him see things clearly, but I can't. 

Backtracking to the beginning....... When Tyler was born, his dad and I agreed that he would pay $35 a week in child support and he would stay with him every other weekend.  We have never gone through the courts and just worked things out between us.  Mind you, I have had to bust my butt to provide everything for my kids.  I have never put up a fuss if his dad didn't pay his child support, sometimes for months on end.  Since I grew up without a dad in my life, it was more important to me that he spend time with Tyler. 

We have always told Tyler that he is "lucky" to have 2 dads.  My husband has been there since he was a baby, loves him and treats him no differently than Emily.  

His bio dad is a decent guy, just very irresponsible and a "weekend dad".  Sometimes he has a job, sometimes he doesn't.   He never calls in between weekends just to say Hi to Tyler or find out or how his week has been.  Heck, on his 16th birthday, he didn't even call until the next day.

On the flipside, when Tyler goes there for the weekend, they do lots of fun things.  So, it's all fun and games while he is there.  His dad doesn't have to teach him responsibility, punish, or any of the other not so fun things that being a parent involves.  That has always been the job of my husband and I.  I have always felt that as Tyler gets older and more mature, he will come to his own conclusions. 

I know it is only 5 miles away, but how do we give the okay for this?  How can we say no?  He is 16 and this is what he wants to do.  Do I put my foot down and cause tension between everyone, possibly have to deal with the courts, only for them to say at 16, he can choose where he wants to live. 

Tyler assures me it is just for the summer, but what if he wants to stay?  How can I possibly come home everyday and he not be here?  I can't be a "weekend mom".  I feel like I have failed, because he wants to leave. 

He is such a good kid, he doesn't drink or do drugs, he has a good head on his shoulders.  How can I let him do this in hopes that he will continue on the straight and narrow?   How can I take the chance?  I feel like his future is riding on this.  I know in my heart I have raised him well, and that I have to trust that the morals instilled will carry him through.  But, he is just 16, such an impressionable age. 

I want to shake Tyler and say, don't you think if he wanted you to live with him, he would have fought me in the courts way back when.  Whenever you are sick, need a ride, need money, or need to talk, who is it you come to?  Its my husband and I.  We have been given the role of the responsible parents, no its not all fun and games, but it is reality.  It is our job to help you become a self sufficient adult, which means we can't always be your "friend". 

I want to scream at his dad and say why?  Why all of a sudden are you okay with this?  He is 16, he needs structure and guidelines which I am afraid you will not enforce.  Oh yeah, and if you think I will continue paying the high insurance premiums, your flipping crazy!  Living with you, you get it all.  The medical bills, the health insurance premium, school clothes, all of it!  I will give you $35 a week if I feel like it and see how far that gets you!

Of course, screaming and shaking will get me nowhere.  So, I won't really do that.  It sure felt good for a minute though. 

Hopefully, I can get a little sleep now.  I hope to have some new crafty inspiration soon, there hasn't been much time for creating over this past week.

Monday, May 21, 2012

June Workshop Projects

It's time for another workshop reveal. 

 If you are attending one of my local workshops in June, we will be working with the Cruisin and Florentine paper lines. 

Muskegon workshop is June 15th at Scrapbook 101, 6pm.  Workshop at my place is June 18th, 5pm.  Supplies must be ordered by June 4th, unless you would like your order to count for hostess club, then that's today.  Of course, you already know that :).

 If you are unable to attend a local workshop but would like to do the projects, you can find the full information and purchase the kits under the workshop kits / events tab at the top.

Florentine Projects

Cruisin' Projects

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Crafty day!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still Around

Hello faithful blog followers,  A quick note saying sorry I haven't had a post in the last few days.  I am nearly finished preparing the projects for June's workshop.  It seems these days, we have been running to Baseball games and band concerts nearly every night of the week.  Spring time is always the busiest time of year for us.

Now, it is 1:22 am and I really do not want to go to bed.   Simply because when I wake up, my son will be 16! YIKES!!!  In my mind the new day hasn't started until I sleep, so he is still 15.   HaHa!   I only bought 15 balloons too.  I am going to number them all, then hang a sign that says "Sorry, I am just not ready for 16, so you only get 15 balloons.  Actually the ones I bought only come 15 to a pack and I was to cheap to buy 2 packages for 1 balloon.  So, I had to get a little creative as to why he was shorted one balloon, you know in case at 16 he is concerned about that sort of thing. 

Anyways blog friends, I should really head off to bed, have a wonderful day :).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Stock Your Stash Card Workshop

Spring into Summer with this 50 card workshop kit
only available until May 31st or until the Dotty For You paper packet sells out, whichever happens first.

Depending on the option you choose, you will have nearly everything except basic tools to make 50 cards including envelopes.

There are 16 designs - 3 cards each, and 2 bonus surprise cards revealed when you receive your workshop guide.  That's only $1.30 a card, plus you will have left over paper and 3 stamp sets for other projects.
The workshop guide is full color, includes cutting diagrams for each paper, layout sketch and picture for each card, and assembly instructions. The cards are all 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.


 What you get with the Main kit - $65.00
    There are 2 options for your workshop guide.  
    • Email - within 3 days of purchasing your workshop I will email you the full guide in Pdf. format
    • Hard Copy - If you would like me to print and mail you a color copy, the cost is just $3 to cover printing and postage. 

    Main Kit + Ink Add on - $99.00


    The colors of the Paradise twine match perfectly with the Dotty For You papers.  Use the twine to add a little extra flair to your cards. 

    The Whole Kit and Caboodle - $188.00

    Tired of hand cutting your stamped images?  Many of the Close To My Heart stamp sets coordinate with the Art Philosophy cartridge, including the Hooray Bouquet set used in the cards.


    Consultant option - $21.00

    This option is only available to Close To My Heart Consultants.  You will receive the 50 pack of card bases and envelopes and workshop guide.
    Get Your Kit

    Dotty for You Card Kit with Email Guide



    How will I receive my supplies? - The items will be shipped directly to you from Close To My Heart.  To save on shipping and keep your cost down, they will be shipped by Fed Ex Smart post.  Depending on where you live, it generally takes 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

    I already have some of the supplies, can I substitute items? - No problem!  You are welcome to swap out an item for another item that is the same price.  Just browse the idea book on my Close To My Heart website, and include a message with your payment indicating which items you would like to swap out. 

    I would like to order additional items, can I do this and get the card kit? - Absolutely!  Just send me an email at with what items you would like and I will send you an updated total.  You can also order the above items on my CTMH website and email me with the email or address you would like your guide sent to. (You will not be able to get the free ink pads or baker's twine unless I place the order).

    I am in the Hostess club, can I purchase the kit for my purchase this month? - Of course! Any purchase of $20 meets the minimum you need to move up on the list. 

    I received my kit and have a question, what do I do? - Just send me an email and I will answer any questions you have. 

    I am a consultant, can I use the designs / guides for my own workshop? - Yes, all I ask is that you give proper credit and limit the guides you hand out to 1 per person who purchases your workshop. 

    I do not live in the United States, can I purchase the card kit? - Sorry, I am unable to have the items shipped outside of the United States.  

    How do I know when my item has shipped? - You will receive an email with the tracking information.

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    Sneak Peak

    Here is a little sneak peak at what I have been working on the last couple of days. 

    Hold onto your adhesive ladies, a 50 card workshop is coming your way! This is going to be an amazing workshop, you will get everything you need for under $65 which includes bases, envelopes, 3 stamp sets plus more! Get ready to stock up your card stash for summer so you can go play in the flowers and sunshine! Stay tuned for the full details by the end of the week.

    Happy Crafting!

    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    Convention Postcard Layout part 2

    I finally finished the layout for the convention postcard challenge.  Of course, being true to my style there are a lot of layers.  I still need to add the journaling, which I will do before I submit it.  The picture spots will be filled in with photos from convention after the fact. 

    I will be back with a few more step by step photos on how I did the outer edges and stamped the background Autumn Terracota Cardstock.  Until then, off to enjoy a nice hot bath with a good book :). The house is quiet since both kids are at birthday sleepovers and Zane is somewhere.  Fishing maybe???  A quiet bath sounds great!!!

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Stamp of the Month

    A new month means a NEW exclusive Stamp of the month.  The set available during the month of May is called Friendship Bouquet. 

    This is the perfect set for some fancy coloring techniques.

    During the month of May you can get this exclusive set for $17.95 or just $5 with any $50 order.

    In celebration of national scrapbooking month, the Dotty for You promotion is going on and can be combined with your stamp of the month purchase.  A stamp set and a paper packet for just $5 each!  That's a savings of over $27.00!!!