Friday, January 20, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

I am heading to an old friends tomorrow evening to scrap the night away with a group of girls I haven't scrapped with in a very long time. I am having the hardest time trying to decide what to work on. While browsing through pictures on the computer, these little gems caught my eye. Since I don't scrap well away from home, I know taking all of these is pointless. I will likely complete 1 page. MAYBE????

How about this group shot from the Halloween party Emily had.... Can you believe we took this crew to a haunted maze after the party. Talk about screaming and loud! Such a fun night though!

Or the mummy wrapping...

Or sweet Elliana (they will be visiting from Hawaii in March! Yay!!!!)

Or Ruby... My niece sent me this picture of Ruby. Sean found her with "humpty dumpty" as her makeshift pacifier when hers was taken away. She improvised! Love it!

Here is the Bestie crew... Tyler and Emily with their good friends Kylee and Brendon on our weekend shopping trip before school started.

Or some silly pics from a girls night sleepover... Kylee being her silly self, that's why we love her!

Or Tyler and Murphy catching a cat nap. Poor Murphy, I am pretty sure he wanted to get up.

So many pictures, so little time. Hmmm..... Maybe I should get off the computer and get to packing! Have a great night and thank you for stopping by my little blog. Your comments truly make my day. :)


  1. Love the humpty dumpty pic, definately a memory to treasure. Have fun scrapping tomorrow!

  2. Thank you Trish. That picture is one of my favorites too! Just love all the silly things kids do!