Monday, June 11, 2012

July Workshop Projects sneak peek

I finished up the pages for the Lucy option for July's workshop.  I used the Workshop On The Go layouts for inspiration, but added my own twist on them to fill in some of the white space.  There is lots of Cricut AP cutting on these layouts. Here is a little sneak peek.....

I will have the pages available in person at our workshop on the 15th.  If you would like to do this workshop from afar, the details will be added to the Kits tab soon. 

Now I have to take a minute to brag.  I am so proud of Emily!!!  She received her Argument Essay back today and she was the only student in the entire 7th. grade to get a 100%.  Her teacher asked her if she could keep a copy and use it for the example next year.  The topic she chose was school uniforms, very interesting statistics and studies out there on this topic. 

I Hope to be back tomorrow with a peek at the second Lucy layout. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fish On, ScrapFIT sketch challenge

Yay!  I finally finished the page I have been working on.  This was a fun family outing a couple weeks ago.  Emily was so surprised when she caught a fish.  She decided that the fishing thing isn't so bad after all.

My page was inspired by this sketch challenge over on the ScrapFIT blog .

Papers are from The Paper Loft Hooked on Fishing Line.  To bring attention to the little fish I added some stitched circles around the little guy.  Of course I had to use the AP cartridge for the journaling label.  I don't know how I  scrapped before this cartridge.  I hardly ever use my spellbinders anymore.

I added a little fishing line to my homemade wooden dowel fishing pole with a hook constructed from the spiral wire from a notebook.  Notice Murphy in the background.  He really wanted to have a little fish snack.

Posterboard was my goto alpha for this one.  This is one of my favorite alpha set.  The letters are nice and chunky to give them presence on the page and super easy to handcut because of their size and sharp edges.  Nearly every layer was outlined with my trusty black sharpy to give separation to the layers.

Off to enjoy the day at a cookout and beach with the family!  The temperature is supposed to hit 90 today.  Since we don't have AC, it is the perfect day to head to the lake.

Have a happy Sunday!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Stampaganza time!!!!

I have waited and waited for this promotion to come around!  I am not sure when the last time Close To My Heart did this special, I know it has been at least 3 years. 


Purchase any two stamp sets (sizes A, B, C, D, or E) at full retail price and receive a third stamp set of your choice FREE (of equal or lesser value)—a savings of up to $29.95!
Stamp sets that count toward the qualifying purchase include full-priced A, B, C, D, and E sets only. Stamps that do not count toward a qualifying purchase include customizable (K), Workshops on the Go™, Cricut® collection, and Stamp of the Month (both discounted and full-priced) sets.
Dates: Offer valid June 1 (9:00 am MDT) – June 30 (11:59 pm MD

This is an amazing special!  A perfect time to grab up them stamp sets before the launch of the new catalog in August. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Tough Night Part Two.....

Thank you all for your very kind responses, I surely needed them.  My MIL said this is the "empty nest" feelings becoming a reality.  Things are much better this week. 

Tyler, Zane and I did a lot of talking and have agreed that he would go for 2 weeks then come home for 1 week.  I would never consider this option if I didn't like Bio Dad's girlfriend.  She has a daughter in College and the other will be a senior next year.  We had a long talk mom to mom about my concerns.  She reassured me that Tyler will not have free reign, and that he will have the same curfews and rules she enforces with her girls. The door is open for me to stop by anytime.  I also had a great talk with Tyler about his why's and my concerns.  I didn't sugar coat anything and told him exactly why I am hesitant.  I feel our good heart to heart talk actually made us closer and we both understand each others feelings. 

As the day gets closer for him to go for his extended stay, he keeps making little comments like....  "You know, I was thinking, on the days I don't have to work, maybe I will come home during the day while my dad and Mary are at work".  Then he thought he was going to take the dog, that's a negative.  Last night he said "you know, just because I am going to be there 2 weeks straight, doesn't mean I can't stop by, it's only a couple miles."  

These little comments are all indicators to me that now that this is reality, he is thinking a bit more about it.  I have just been reassuring him that he can come home anytime.  This is his home, he should never feel like he is "visiting".  I also reinforced that just because he is not staying here for a couple weeks at a time, doesn't mean I don't need to know whats going on in his day to day life, not because I don't trust him, but because I care and want to know what he's up to.  It is important to me.  He laughed and said "so I will still be getting them daily calls while your at work?".  I said of course, it's a mom thing, something I just gotta do. 

I will be quite surprised if he stays the entire summer. My gut tells me he will go for a couple weeks, then that's it. Time will tell. 

When we told Emily, her response was....  "If Tyler thinks he is taking the laptop charger for the summer, he has another thing coming" (they share a charger, since one is broken).  Typical teenage sister!  She did say she will miss him, but only because now she will need to let the dog out all the time.  Gotta love her.  I am sure she will miss him more than she thinks.  After all who will she have to argue with?

Holy cow!!! I almost have a page done, just a couple little finishing touches.  Hopefully tomorrow I can wrap it up.  Emily's softball games started today, so we have a few weeks of that consuming our evenings.  Fun times though, wouldn't trade them for the world!