Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 32 oz. Prime Rib

As soon as Zane and I decided on where we were going for vacation, Zane started looking up steak houses. The man loves a good Prime Rib! Of all the things we had planned for vacation he was most looking forward to visiting Clint's BBQ for a 32 oz slab of meat. EWWWW! After our day of hiking, we were all starving and thirsty, the time had come. Again can I say EWWW! Don't get me wrong the food was great, we loved the mom and pop feel to the place, and especially enjoyed visiting with Clint himself. I never thought Zane would finish the "roast", but he did, well almost..... There was a little pile of blubber (aka fat) left on his plate. Normally he would eat this too, but there was a little bit to much fat for him. Again EWWWWW!

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