Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Twist on Journaling

At work the other day I pulled out a prescription pad and the add for Lipitor caught my eye. Of course my coworkers thought I was crazy when I said I just found the "inspiration" for my next page. They didn't see the add the same way I did. Sadly, I can't find where I put it so I can't post it. Sadness! Anyhow, here is my version...

The journaling areas on the page are my interpretation of the ad. I had to think of how to recreate it, so I am including a little instruction. Keep reading.....

A couple other things to point out first. The Letters are outlined with a Black Sharpie. No need to use extra paper and time matting the letters when there is a Sharpie nearby. Of course, I had a couple "slide offs" I needed to cover, so I added a couple quick stitches to cover them up. This added a little extra detail and no one will ever know I was actually covering a mistake.

To add another accent to the page, I folded some 1/2" paper strips and hand stitched over them. A little paper ribbon accent to fill in some space that I didn't know what else to do with.

Now onto the journaling technique..........
First grab your piece of paper, ruler, and exacto knife. I actually did all this after the page was already assembled, so I knew right where I wanted the journaling holes to be. Just be careful not to cut through all the layers.

Cut one cut down the center of where you want your "hole" to be, then make several horizontal cuts going across your vertical cut. I chose this plaid paper to make it easy to cut along the pattern lines. Cut your strips at various lengths to add a little randomness to the shape.

When your done cutting, you should have something like this....

Next, cut your strips off at various lengths, leaving at least 1/4" of each cut strip.

Use your fingers or guiling tool to roll up the remaining part of your cut strips. I found my fingers worked quite well.

I then added a little ink to make the curls stand out. Adhere to your page or a piece of paper, add your journaling in the hole.

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  1. I'm Loving this, I'm going to try it on a card. Thanks Angie for the idea.