Thursday, April 26, 2012

My thought process.....

As you develop your scrapbooking "style" you will notice you have a pattern in how you create. 
I almost always start with a sketch or challenge. 
This helps me get the gears turning.
I then choose photos.  Sometimes I pull from my stash of pictures and sometimes I print off just the ones I want to use. 
Next is paper, generally I use cardstock for the base.
Lately, I have been pushing myself to step out of the box and use pattern as the base.
I start layering, often adhering as I go.
Once I have the bones of the page, I outline.
Which means using my black fine and bullet point Sharpie to outline certain elements of the page that need a little extra "boost" to separate them from the other patterns, etc.
Then comes the Title.  I like to layer the title over pictures and across the various patterns to help pull them all together.

So I have this.............

I really wanted the story to be a big part of the page.
I decided to use a big journaling block to record the conversation behind the pictures. 
I knew right away, I would need something along the top and bottom to "frame" the page, so I stamped a stitching line across the top and bottom.
Notice the black sharpie work around the pictures and letters?
Now, I need to add accents. 
I haven't decided yet what I am going to use, so I will sleep on it and see what my brain comes up with tomorrow.

I generally complete a page over several small increments of time.
Adding little bits here and there until I am pleased with the results. 

Recognize the papers?
They are from the Dotty for You paper pack that is available as a special purchase this month. 

I will be back with the finished result in a day or two. 
Sweet Dreams!


  1. Angie I love the layout. Your's is my favorite blog to catch up with. I know you'll always have something interesting. Thanks :)

  2. LOVE this layout--and your description of your thought process!
    Angie, I've been a follower for awhile and love your style. I have something for you over on my blog:

    1. Thank you Lisa! I am honored that you would think of my blog and artwork for the Leibster blog award! You made my day!!!!