Monday, April 30, 2012

Convention Postcard contest Part 1

Today was all about family.  I enjoyed lunch with Zane's Grandma.  My mom and I went grocery shopping then brought home take out.  Kind of ironic isn't it.  Buy a bunch of groceries, and pick up pizza on the way home.  Then again, cooking is not my thing and Monday is my day for dinner duty.

Emily and I spent the evening at Zane's mom's.  Tyler and Zane didn't want to go, they must have had important boy things to do.

I have been fretting a bit over what to wear to the CTMH convention in July.  When you work in scrubs, business casual clothes are not something I have a lot of.  I am a jeans and sweater or sweatshirt kind of girl.  Luckily, my MIL and I are pretty close in size and she is the queen of Goodwill finds.  Yup! Not above wearing hand me downs. 

Typical visit to her house......
MIL:  "I picked these up at GW Boutique the other day, I don't like the way they fit."
ME: Try on clothes, pick put which ones I like.  Pay her for them and she takes back what neither one of us liked.  I always make sure I have a $20 in my pocket when we visit.  Now we joke that she is my personal shopper and she takes requests :).  Love my MIL!

I did have a few minutes here and there in between running errands and visiting family to start working on my entry for the postcard contest at convention.  Everyone going to convention received this postcard in the mail, only we didn't know it was for a contest until a few weeks later.  Luckily, I like to "save" things and still had it tucked away.  You know me!  Love a good contest or challenge.  They push  my creative gears.

 Postcard before.....

Postcard meets exact-o knife.......
(love cutting things apart, to make my own custom accents)

A little more cutting and start layering........
(first attempt)

Scratch first attempt, moved elements to opposite sides.  
Added a mock photo mat, since I don't know what picture I am using yet. 
Used the CTMH stitching ruler and Legacy Writer to add some journaling lines to the journaling block.
Then added some pen stitching and outlining around a couple areas.
Nothing is glued down at this point.

I will be back with an update as I continue to build and add to the layers of the page. 

My work week starts tomorrow.  Ugh!!!  Really wish I could play with paper with my morning coffee.  Maybe I will get up early,  no probably not.


  1. Looking good so far! What is your tip for cutting things out with an exacto? Everytime I do it, it looks bad and uneven.

  2. Thanks Karen! I use a glass mat to cut on. If you don't have one, a smooth glass cutting board or microwave tray will work. This makes a huge difference when cutting with an exacto. Also a sharp blade. I change my blade frequently. They seem to dull quickly with cutting paper.