Monday, January 30, 2012

Stickle Holder

The organizer in me strikes again. I have been thinking of a way to store stickles upside down and still be in the ink tower tray. (Translation for ink pad tower = the creation station = the hub of creativity).

Here is what I came up with....

I designed a cut on the Gypsy that was 9" x 7.25" rectangle with a 3/4" circle in each inch on the mat grid. Once cut, I placed over chipboard, then used an exacto knife to make slits like cutting a pie in each circle. I extended past the paper a little because the 3/4" was just a tad small.

Next I trimmed the chipboard so that there was 1 1/4" around all sides of the rectangle template. I scored the chipboard flush with the template edges, folded them down, trimmed and taped the corners. So then I had a box looking lid to sit in the top of the tower.

This whole process would have been much easier with a deep cut Cricut blade. (Note to self.... add to "need" list.)


Exactly what I was looking for and free!

Since I was photographing the tower, I thought you may like to see how I store my sponges.

This side of the tower is just an empty space wanting some love. Each ink color has its own sponge. For sponges I cut up a big auto sponge that you can pick up at the dollar store. Clipped a binder clip on each one, then added a color label to one side of the binder clip and a little piece of velcro to the other. There are strips of velcro on the tower to stick the sponges onto.

The other side of the tower....

The binder clips make handy little handles. Just flip them open and no more inky fingers.

So there you have it "The Creation Station".

On the family note today. Drama rehearsal started for Emily. We have a great drama program for such a small school. This is the 4th play for her. But, oh man did she come home cranky! With volleyball after school for 2 hours, a 30 minute break, then 2 hours of drama, throw in a little PMS and Cranky is the word. She likes to do all these things, but when is it to much?

Tyler lost another book for English. Actually as he told me, "I lost my backpack, and my book was in there". Even better. Since I am always looking for the positive in things, at least it is a $13 book he needs to replace and not his actual English book. Plus, looks like he has 90 minutes of cleaning to pay for the book. Hmmmm..... we are off to a grand start for the second semester. :)

Just another day in the Highland house, Happy Crafting :).


  1. Love your binder clip sponge storage! Wish I had seen this before I used the paper swatches for finger holds on mine in rows of 8! (which in my opinion don't work well... still get inky fingers)

  2. Thank you Paula, I tried the swatches stapled to the sponges and they didn't work well for me either.