Monday, April 23, 2012

Memory box continued........

While Tyler and Emily were at school today,  I managed to finish up the CTMH memory game box I started on Saturday. 
Then around 1:00 I heard my phone vibrating around on the counter.
Emily wasn't feeling well and wanted to come home. 
Picture this.... me standing in the craft corner, covered in ink, hair all astray, still in my pajamas, thinking "crap! I knew I should have showered this morning".
I was in no shape to go walking into school.
Emily would have been mortified!
Good to know I can still shower and be out the door in 5 in the case of an emergency. 
I am sure the secretary enjoyed my drowned rat appearance. Classy!

Anyways, the product of my inkiness.........

 Since this is going to my Nephew in Afghanistan, I wanted it to be very inky and grungy looking.

The memory box comes with 24 - 3 x 3 chipboard squares inside.  I added various pictures of family members on each one, then stamped random words on them.

I used the same words on 2 of each tile.  Just in case he decides to play a little game of "memory" during some downtime.  Zane thinks I am crazy for that one, but you never know.  Big tough military guys like to play too. 

On the backs of the tiles,  I put some bible verses and other inspirational quotes.  

So Daniel, if you read my blog, make sure you are surprised when it comes in the mail.  We love and miss you.  I hope you like the memory box and enjoy the vernors :).

That's all for now, have a great night!

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  1. Angie I think this is great! It looks wonderful and I'm sure your nephew is going to love it...such a neat piece of home.