Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mixing the old with the new

This layout showcases one of my favorite pictures of  "the bestie crew".   I used sketch #198 from the Creative Scrappers blog. If you can't read the text on the picture it says "You have been blinded by Brenden's what he calls abs... and we call ribs :)".  This is a little tidbit of Emily's photo editing.  I nearly spit my coffee out when I seen her little journaling added while browsing pictures on the computers.  These 4! What a hoot!

I combined some new Footloose papers with some old Miracle, then threw in a little Typeset.

A quick update on Tyler's wisdom teeth extraction.  He did well and was able to return to school after 2 days.  He was quite entertaining while his "conscious sedation" wore off.  He kept saying "Hey" then follow up with something like "you know what's funny, Emily had to go to school today" or "Hey, is it ok if I swallow".  Then there was the yell from the kitchen that he missed his mouth.  I go to check and he was covered in Gatorade.  Yup, totally , missed it!  He asked me the same things over and over, and was quite confused how he got from one place to another.  He couldn't figure out how to buckle his seatbelt or eat applesauce.  Of course, he remembers none of this.  I should have recorded him, kind of like this person did.

Have a good night and happy crafting!

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