Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rock Formations

Yay! Two more pages completed. After a few busy weekends in a row, it was nice to spend the day crafting. Plus, Zane just went and picked me up a cup of coffee so now I can scrap the night away. Tomorrow Emily and I are going to lounge on the beach, so we can sleep then. I do need to give the dogs a bath at some point tomorrow. Cricket isn't able to get in the bathtub anymore, we have some buckets of water warming outside for her. The old girl is 15 now. We don't want to shock her with the cold spray of the hose. These days, she gets whatever she wants.

She does still get excited when we say the work "walk".

We can't forget about Murphy. I tend to call him "Murphy, the naughty dog". He gets into a lot of trouble. Tyler told me he tried to bring a piece of dog poop in the house the other day. YUCK!!! He loves anything stinky and has a ton of energy. Tyler uses his electric scooter to take him for a good mile run to try and tire him out. Murphy is our rescue dog and we love him to pieces, naughty and all.

Last but not least, the page I created today. I kept this one pretty simple, not a lot to do with rock pictures.........

I was very happy to use up the last of these Basic Grey Urban Couture papers. I have had them for years! For the title I used the actual Posterboard stamps for a mask. I just laid them upside down on the paper and misted some chocolate spray ink over them. I then stamped them in the masked areas. The rocks we picked up on the beach on one of our many beach adventures this summer. They are super thin and smooth.

Close up....

Page 2....

The lines in the journaling spaces were easily made with a brown sharpie and a ruler.

Page 2 with Flip Flap. I am out of page protectors, so ignore the clip holding the flap in place. It worked for photo purposes. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Have a great evening!

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