Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little bit of Everything today..........

It's a good thing Zane doesn't mind housework and picks up where I am lacking. It seems I always get sidetracked. I started off the day with the best of intentions, set the timer and got moving. The timer is my best friend when it comes to getting things done. I set it for say 1 hour and have a set amount of things I have to get done in that hour. I do this with Tyler and Emily as well. Works like a charm. Only today, not so much.......

First, while putting away the new CTMH idea books, I found these cardboard rectangles that they used for packing the Stamp of the month sets.

I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so I made this.....

I found some velvet matting paper I had stored in a vase waiting for that "perfect project". I hung a piece of cord across the top, then hung some adorable little hangers from my scrapbooking stash to hang pictures from. LOVE IT!!!

Now when you come in our front door, you see this nice little collage of pictures instead of a boring armoire side.

Then I remembered we never hung the dry erase board I had made before Christmas.

Zane really likes this one. We have been needing a place to keep track of things that really need to be done and what to have for dinner. With his memory problems, these little notes are a lifesavor. I used some retired Lucky Paper and stickease under the glass.

Movin' on......

I had put together these little 3 x 3 cards for customer order bags last night. That's another business resolution I have, to place a Thank You with every order because I am truly grateful for their business. Suddenly, while cleaning the counter I remembered I needed to stickle them. Imagine that!

Close up of card. Using The last of the Wonderland paper. So sad :(

But wait, when I had pulled out the matting paper I found a roll of contact paper I was going to cover some bins with. After seeing all the altered file cabinets on Pinterest, I decided ours was a little bland.

Unfortunately, when you do things on the fly like I do, this is what happens. Only enough paper for 1 drawer. So now, I need to write that on the to buy list. Maybe I will use fabric instead, not sure.

Now off to set the timer again, I hope it works better this time around.


  1. Okay this post is so funny. I had a mother in law that lived with us for a couple of weeks and helped me out. I also have 2 children and I on occasion use a time. Funny part....Zane was my mother in law and Tyler and Emily are my kids. Great artwork by the way!

  2. Your kidding! What a coincidence that your "helpers" have the same names :). Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. Ok just catching up on your blog and I am laughing out loud at this one! You are crazy! Thats why we love ya!