Monday, August 31, 2009

another late night creating.....

So last night I was up creating until 2 am again. I just love getting new pictures printed! It is like a whole new pile of inspiration. Both of these pages are from our visit to Cadillac. Even though the weather was crappy, rainy and wet, we still had a great time. The best part was Sean, Sarah, and Ivy bringing their new bundle of joy into the world..... Ruby Lucille! She is so beautiful! They are certainly going to be busy with their 2 girls. Ivy is so smart for 18 mos. old. She talks and talks. I especially love it when she says "Hello, How are you? " and "Where'd doggies go?". She will try to say pretty much anything. It will be interesting to see what she thinks of a new little sister in the house.

Enough rambling, how about some pages......

Sadly, my creating has probably come to an end for a few days. Tomorrow it is back to work, and Emily has friends coming over today. I just can't stay up half the night on work nights :)

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