Saturday, May 5, 2012

Convention Postcard Layout part 2

I finally finished the layout for the convention postcard challenge.  Of course, being true to my style there are a lot of layers.  I still need to add the journaling, which I will do before I submit it.  The picture spots will be filled in with photos from convention after the fact. 

I will be back with a few more step by step photos on how I did the outer edges and stamped the background Autumn Terracota Cardstock.  Until then, off to enjoy a nice hot bath with a good book :). The house is quiet since both kids are at birthday sleepovers and Zane is somewhere.  Fishing maybe???  A quiet bath sounds great!!!


  1. I so hate to rain on your parade, because this layout is awesome, but I think you had to submit by May 1st if I read it right...I especially love the lasso detail and the border stamping. Hope I'm wrong about the date...

  2. Oh man. Thanks for the heads up Wendy. I had it in my head that we could take them to convention. Here I thought I was 2 months ahead of the game. LOL!

  3. As usual, I love your work. Guess I might be your #1 Fan...LOL