Sunday, November 22, 2009

visit to Brenda's

The kids and I stayed the night with my sister Brenda and Connie last night. Of course we had a great time. Brenda's house is always so casual and comfortable. Ivy and Ruby are getting so big. Ivy is becoming quite the character, she has discovered the word NO and uses it proudly. If you ask her to sing or do something, she says NO in the cutest voice then waits for a response. She is saying allot of words now and putting them together in short sentences. She can sing the entire Alphabet, which is amazing for being 21 months old. Ruby is the sweetest little chunk, she is now smiling and cooing. She is now 3 months old. Before we know it, she'll be on the run as well. Then look out! 2 little munchkins running around.

My little sister Connie is leaving for Asia tomorrow. She will be gone 3 months this time. This is her second trip over there. Love that she has the opportunity to experience these adventures. She is so excited! It will take 25 hours to get there. I just cannot imagine sitting on a plane for that many hours..... BORING!

On a scrappy note..... While visiting Vanessa at The Scrapbook Nook in Ludington yesterday, I picked up the Cricut Snowflake Cartridge. I had some store credit for design work and only had to pay $8! I was so excited! I will be playing with it tomorrow while the kids are at school. I am a little worried that the paper will tear on some of the more intricate designs. I don't think you will be able to cut them real small. I am thinking 2-3 inches minimum.

While at my sisters, I did get a gathering booked for this Sunday up in Cadillac. So we will be heading there again this weekend. I am really enjoying sharing and helping others get started in scrapbooking and cardmaking! The girl Alisha that is hosting the gathering is really excited about getting into scrapbooking, she is an awesome person with 2 little ones. Now is the perfect time for her to get started!

No scrappy goodies to show today..... I should have some time tomorrow to create something!

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