Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Bestie Crew

If you are familiar with my blog,  then you have seen pictures of this crew before.  Of course our kiddos, then there is our "other" kids.  These 4 have been friends for 11 years now.  They met at daycare when Kylee and Emily were just a year old, and over the years have formed such a strong wonderful friendship.  They love one another like siblings and also disagree like siblings.  They debate one another, support one another, and tattle on one another. 

Oh how I love them!  The pictures are from a weekend shopping excursion we went on before school started.  I used papers from the CTMH Cruisin' line and a sketch from the My Little Sketch Book blog.  Liz has such great sketches to play around with.

For the banner I used a section from the new mini banner in the spring / summer idea book and covered it with pattern paper.  The title is Cricut cut from the Black Letter cartridge. Then of course, had to had a little stitching detail to pull it all together.  I used a stamp from the simple stitches set to stamp a frame around the edges. 

So, what a day today was.  Today was the first Baseball game of the year for Tyler.  Tyler plays starter Left outfield and bats 3rd or 5th.  He did very well today, made contact with the ball 2 out of 3 times up to bat and made good plays in the field.  No runs, but we are just getting started.  Can you believe I forgot my camera!  It was so cold, I don't think my fingers could have operated it anyways.  I was sure my fingers and toes would break if I moved them.  Silly me, went straight from work and only had a sweater over my scrubs.  Good thing my wonderful hubby gave up his warm coat for me to wear.  Reminded me of high school football games, wearing his "varsity" jacket.  Made me feel all "cool" again!  HaHa!

A note that there are still parents that are raising perfect little gentlemen out there!  This kid in Emily's class is so polite, I have to call his mom and tell her.  You know, in case she doesn't already know.  Today his mom gave Emily a ride home from Track practice, I watched him get out of the car and open Emily's door to let her out.  Mind you, when I took Emily, him and 2 other kids to the movies, he did the same thing.  He held the doors for me, then tried to give me money for popcorn since "I paid for gas".  How cute is that!  A 12 year old actually offering to give me money!  I really need to send Tyler to his house for some of that training, because he is not nearly that much of a gentlemen.  Note to self.... "Work on that".

 Tyler has to have all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed by the oral surgeon on Monday.  That should be an interesting day.  Is it wrong to be a little excited about the scrapbook page from the ordeal?  I suppose it is, but I was taught to always look at the positives in a situation. Tyler likely won't appreciate it if I take a camera with me,  I may have to sneak a picture with my phone.

A portion of the day was spent going broke.  That is what happens when you have teenagers. Here is how the day went financially....

Me:  "Honey, we have to have $750 cash down when we go to the surgeon Monday"
Emily: "Mom, don't forget I need money for track pictures and $35 for the field trip tomorrow"
Tyler: "Mom, my baseball cleats are to tight, I am going to need a new pair"
Zane: " Honey, I took the lawn mower to the shop today, not sure what's wrong with it"
Zane: " I signed us up to bring food for 3 of the baseball games"
Tyler: "Mom, you forgot to get body wash when you bought groceries yesterday, oh and I need money for class dues"
Emily: "Oh yeah, I need money for a track shirt too. I don't remember when that is due though"

Point of story, if your kids are toddlers, start saving now!  Today, I am really wishing I would have won the millions. LOL!

Ok, I have rambled enough today.  Sorry, I start typing and can't stop.  I hope you enjoyed my page today.  I best get to work at the crafting table, my "to post" pile is getting a little low.

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