Thursday, February 2, 2012

I just know this will need to be explained.

I hope no one thinks this is a little out there to share on the blog, but it's reality and kind of funny ;)

So sometimes when life is crazy busy, the car is where the kids and I have some interesting conversations. Today, Emily and I had to go do a little shopping for the weekend. On our way home, we were talking about Tampons and how to use them. I pulled one out and proceeded to explain. (I will spare you the details).


we were chatting about how Zane uses them for deer scent in the woods and Emily is casually twirling it around by the string, it goes flying! We cannot find the darn thing anywhere! I just know someday, someone is going to be in the backseat and find the thing.

Of all things to be lost in my car, an open tampon is not on the top of my list.

Sorry no crafty creations today, but we have food, tampons, and had a good laugh.


  1. Someday someone will find it and say "Lucy you got some splaning to do"!

  2. I know, Tee Hee! That's what I am afraid of.. Oh well, such is life.

  3. I still think this is hilarious! :) Did you ever find it?