Thursday, September 17, 2009

How did this happen????

Pretty soon I will be turning 50! Not really, but geez where does time go. I have not been very good about blog posting the last 2 weeks. Have been very busy getting ready for my first CTMH gathering on Sunday. I am very nervous but very excited. I know I can do this, Scrapbooking is what I do. It is what I am passionate about. I promise on Saturday I will post some pics of the projects we will be creating as well as the bulletin board I have ready for display.

I really could not believe it today when I checked in here.... The last time I was on I had 23 visitors, since then 11,000...what the Heck! How did that happen? Either the counter is broken or I really need to get busy putting some scrappy goodness on here.

Some big exciting news! Well for a scrapbooker anyways... I do some design work for the Scrapbook Nook in Ludington, she sent me an email wondering if Quickuts sent me some free dies a month for a few months if I would be interested in creating some displays to promote the product in her store. WELL HECK YES! Not only do I love using machines in scrapbooking but I love free stuff and prizes! My scrapbooking buddy Lynne always laughs at the contests and "prizes" I am trying to win. LOVE IT! Don't get me wrong, I love to share and give prizes as well! lol! Anyways, back to the Nook.... I am really looking forward to this adventure... My brain likes to be pressured into creating something fantastic :)

Last weekend was a blast! 7 crazy girls spending the weekend at a crop together. I am very embaressed to admit I only created 4 pages and 16 cards the entire weekend. Its a good think I took the entire scraproom so I didn't run out of supplies... tee hee! You would think after 10 years I would know I am not going to get much done, too busy chit chatting! The highlight of the weekend was Saturday night Dinner.... Poor Dee Intoxicated after one White Russion, she sure did like the bartender though.

We are into the second week of school now, kids are glad to be back. Zane and I are happy to be getting back into a routine. It is hard to believe Tyler is in 8th grade and Emily in 5th.... Where oh where has the time gone. I do enjoy that they are becoming more independent but really miss the sweet moments of toddlerhood.

Emily started her 7th year of dance this week. This year she will be stepping it up a notch, so am curious to see how she likes it if she is having to put more effort into it. There are only 4 girls in her Ballet class and 3 in Tap. I think she will enjoy having less kids in class.

There now that I did a brief update for all these viewers I am getting... I feel much better. I will have some fun scrappy stuff tomorrow or Saturday. Promise!

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