Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Glad to be back...........

I don't even have a good reason for neglecting my blog for so long. Let's just say that I became totally and utterly burnt out. Between trying to keep up with the demands of everyday life, 2 teenagers, CTMH business, full time job, well you get the picture,  something had to go. That something was the blog, CTMH, and all scrapbooking for that matter. I needed a break, a time to refocus and remember why I love this hobby.

Over the past few months I have gradually eased my way back into the hobby I love so much. Remembered why I scrapbook. It isn't for anyone but me. Selfish I know, but we all need a hobby, and this is mine.

I have missed blogging immensely. This little place to share my stories and artwork was a nice place to unwind at the end of a day. So, I am happy to be back creating my art, my stories and sharing the way I do it. Just not getting into all the consultant stuff anymore. I enjoyed it a lot, but I just don't have the time. It's hard to accept that we are not superwoman!

Enough with that. How about a little project fun.

Holy Cow! Tyler graduated high school this past spring........... How in the world did this happen? How can I possibly be the parent of a college student, an "adult". Oh my! Please ignore the awful mid sentence expression on my face. A passerby was kind enough to snap the photo, for that I am grateful.

In my true style, lots of layering and little details. The above 4x3 journal card by Simple Stories received a little personalization by coloring in the letters and adding some hand stitching around the "R".
I have really been loving Deli paper lately. It is so versatile! You can paint it, use it as a overlay, pretty much anything. Here I layered it over a stamped photo corner to tone down the stripes a bit. Since Tyler is working at the local Deli when he doesn't have class, I figured it fitting to use a little bit on here. After all he did get me a box of 500 sheets for $5!

Have you ever been so burnt out that you quit scrapbooking or another hobby for a bit? For me, it gave me a new appreciation for the precious time I am able to devote on my "passion".

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