Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Game stamp set


This little set really gives you a lot of bang for your buck! When I first look at a stamp set I tend to look at the "theme" of the set. Then once I start playing with it, the gears start turning. At first glance, I thought this set would be so cute for making little magnetic tic tac toe boards. After thinking a bit more, the individual images inspired me to stamp some border strips in various colors with each of the images.

I then curled the edges of each strip and layered them on top of the pattern paper, sponged a little ink on them, and voila a fun accent!

My absolute favorite stamp in this set is the single straight line! I used it to stamp lines on the title block. Usually I draw them with a ruler and black pen. LOVE IT!

These little gems above are the placemarkers I have been working on for the Krueger benefit crop on February 12th. I am always losing my raffle tickets when I go to crops. I thought the clothespin would work great to clip each persons namebadge into, then they can clip their raffle tickets in there as well. No more stray raffle tickets among the scraps of paper.
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